Monday, January 25, 2010


When the second X-Men movie came out, I was loving Marvel's misbegotten mutants. I liked the actors, the characterization, the story and the designs for the movie. Not knowing that later X-3 would come along and screw everything up, I decided to make some LEGO toys that celebrated this great new (to me) bunch of superheroes. Most of my custom-made toys are part of the DC Comics universe (Superman, Batman, Green Lantern, Wonder Woman etc.), but I figured I could spare a handful of LEGO dudes to make some muties.

A rare "behind the scenes" design sketch for the X-Men LEGO...

As I recall, at the time I didn't have a digital camera, so these pictures didn't turn out great. But they were good enough to get the collection sold on eBay when X-3 came out and I turned my back on the X-Men universe. Was that a mistake? Probably. But it was for something responsible, like diapers or medicine for a dying relative or more toys for myself. Something like that. Anyway, enjoy this look at X-Men LEGO.



Jean Grey

Nightcrawler --love how he turned out. His tail is just a "twistie" that's been stripped down and then painted...his awesomeness surprised even me.

Wolverine (with his shirt on, much to my wife's dismay)



Professor Charles Xavier

The X-Men Team (without the kids)
Oh yeah, the kids.

Magneto and Mystique

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