Saturday, January 16, 2010

E.T. Fisher Price Little People

This was one of the easiest little sets of Fisher Price Little People to make, partially because I figured you really only need two characters to tell the whole story. I wasn't going to make a little Drew Barrymore or anyone else for the set--I figured E.T. and Elliot pretty much do the job by themselves.

E.T. ended up being one of the Little People that I had to completely get rid of the head and start from scratch. So I gave him a squished Sculpey head that looked E.T.-ish enough. I tried to simulate his glowing "heart" with some pink and white paint. Elliot just ended up being a kid in a hoodie, so I hope no one was expecting something more than that. Now I just need a stupid little pot of geraniums, and they'll be good to go: a boy and his alien. It doesn't get sweeter than that.

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