Saturday, May 11, 2013

Muppet LEGO: I like it--how do I vote for it?

Lately I've had a few questions from from people who have viewed the Muppet LEGO proposal, but aren't sure how to vote for it.  So here are some instructions on how to do it.  Hopefully this will help you out.  The first step of course is to go to the Muppet LEGO page of the LEGO CUUSOO website. Click on the big green Support button.  

Here you'll have a choice to make.  If you're already on either Facebook or Twitter (which you probably are) you can click on one of those.  You follow the same steps of "do you agree that LEGO CUUSOO can access your blah blah blah" that you do for any other thing you click on as a registration through Facebook or Twitter.  My experience with LEGO CUUSOO has been that they don't post anything on your wall, friends walls, etc; but some people don't like even the semblance of a big Danish toy company accessing their friends.  I get it.  

If you don't want to take the Facebook or Twitter route, follow the steps on the left that say "NEW to LEGO CUUSOO?" -- you need a user name, password and email.  I've been using CUUSOO for just over a year, and I can tell you I've never received any sort of spam or reminder or anything except the activation email.  If that's a concern for you, I wouldn't lose any sleep over it.  

After entering your information and hitting "Sign Me Up!" It sends you an activation email.  

Go to your email and click on the link, it will bring you to the page below.  Click on the "Discover page" link.

There's a lot of awesome ideas on the Discover page, but you don't care about them right now, because you want to vote for the Muppets.  So in the Search Projects window, just search for "muppets."

Only one project comes up, and you should click on that one.

Click on "Support" again.  Don't worry, because you're logged in as a CUUSOO member now, it won't ask you to register all over again. 

It asks you for your country, your gender, and profession.  You don't need to click on the box at the bottom that collects data on the weirdos that vote for these things.  But you can if you want.

I know a lot of people get to this point and they aren't quite sure what to enter.  The site asks you three questions: How much would you pay, how many would you buy, and why are you supporting this?  For my proposal, I have Muppet sets at several different price points, from about $8 to $60.  If you think you'd buy say, a $20 set, just put that.  If you think you'd spend $5, put that.  $500?  Groovy.  I don't know if it matters.

When it asks how many you'd buy--if you'd "buy them all," put a high number, which in this case would be 10.  If you think you might buy one, because you have an irrational love of Kermit the Frog (who doesn't, really?) just put a 1.

The rationale--"why you like this project"--is all you.  Pour out your Muppet-loving soul.  You could also say something like "maybe if this reaches 10,000 votes, he'll shut up about this whole thing."  Acceptable.

Then click on "Support," and you're done.  You've done your part.  Then you need to find ten other people--friends, family members, pets (if they have an email address), ex-girlfriends, boyfriends and spouses, strangers in bars, children on playgroun--wait, I'm getting off track.  Share the idea with others.  If just one person believes in you, and all that.  

Now a sneak preview of what's coming next:

Because I can.  And we should.  And LEGO should.  They have a license with Disney for the Muppets, and with Star Wars--it's possible.  If you vote.  Go to, vote for it, and share with others!