Saturday, August 10, 2013

Get Paid to Write 3 Tweets (More or Less) on Bubblews

Over the 4th of July holiday, my brother-in-law told me about a website where he's been writing short articles and getting paid for it.  Getting paid quite a bit for it.  For writing small, sometimes silly things.  I said, "SILLY?  GETTING PAID FOR IT?  I'M IN!!" ...and Adam showed me, my wife, and her parents how to sign up at  We were off and running.

Here's the short version: Bubblews is an revenue sharing site. They make their money from ads and page views, they share that money with the writers that generate content.  You write, people click on what you write, money builds up in your account.  After your account hits $50, you can cash out to your own PayPal account.  It's been about six months, and so far I've cashed out about a dozen times, making around $600.  Some good LEGO money for not doing much, and it ended up paying for a lot of our Christmas.  

To sign up, click here: REGISTER AT BUBBLEWS . Sign up (it's free) by creating a user name and password, and then clicking on the link at the confirmation email they send you.  All the usual stuff we're experts at, like coming up with a profile pic--you know how the internet works.  

Write an article and submit it.  Bubblews has 15 different categories, and chances are pretty good that what you want to write will fit into one of them.  There's a misc. category if you can't find one that fits.  And you can really write about anything. They do have a "flag this as inappropriate" button, so I don't know how raunchy you want to make it, but hey. Worth a shot. To give you an idea of how broad-ranging your writing can be:  I LOVE AQUAMAN  ELYSIUM MOVIE REVIEW  MAKING SANDCASTLES  PATRIOTISM RANT  I ALMOST BOUGHT A UKULELE 4 STAGES OF A ROAD TRIP WITH YOUR KIDS  ...I mean, really, you can write anything.  And some people do.  

The rules about writing are pretty simple--no plagiarism, it has to be at least 400 characters to post (characters, not words--that's like three tweets), and you need to credit any photos you use. ...and that's it.  Some people write poetry (honestly I rarely read those), some write personal things about their day (I don't read those often either), some write movie and book reviews, some write about politics or religion, some just write funny things.  My advice would be this:  Write interesting things that you would want to read.  

There's a social media component to Bubblews, and you want to take advantage of that.  A big one is that you can make Connections with other writers on Bubblews.  That just means that you click a green CONNECT button at the bottom of their profile page, and then when they write a new post, you'll be notified within Bubblews.  Not an email spamming you (in fact, I don't think I've had any emails from Bubblews except the confirmation and the cashout notifications), just a little counter on your page telling you how many notifications you have.  You can also post what you write via a little button on Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, and a few other social media platforms.  When you connect with someone, it's a good idea to read a few of their articles first--see if it's someone whose stuff you WANT to be reading.  Leave comments on what they write, that way they know you're there, and chances are good they'll connect back with you, and read what YOU write. 

Some weird/interesting things about Bubblews:  it's an international community, and that means people are writing 24 hours a day.  So you can write an article, go to bed, and it will have accrued page views, comments and money overnight.  It's sort of become an addiction, seeing how much is in the bank the next morning, or after a shower, or while I'm away at work.  I like it.  A lot.  You know how Twitter uses @ and # in ways that are hard for newbies to figure out?  Bubblews is very similar, but it uses & and +.  So to tag another user (it'll show up in their notifications) you use &JediKermit (for example).  To tag content, you'd use +Movies or whatever you happen to be writing about.  As you read on Bubblews, you'll figure it out.  

How much can you make?  I made $50 my first month, but that's probably going to be low for me. I tend to write--a lot--and about a lot of different topics.  My next goal is to make $25 within the next week, and then maybe I can get to the magical cashout point within 3-4 days.  There are some writers who are getting $25 a day, but I'm guessing that's rare.  

If you like to write--at all--you should sign up and check it out.  Bubblews is also one of the more....forgiving online writing sites I've seen; they'll take you under their wing and help you with your writing as you're learning.  My wife (&Tulips721 on the website) has always been kind of hesitant with her writing, but she's getting better and more confident as she goes, and has made about $100 in the same month.  And she's not giving it to me.  

Go ahead and sign up, check out the site, and start writing.  There are a lot of these startups that are around for a year or two and then fizzle out--but I've cashed out about $600 by now that tells me this one works.  For now.  I'm not sure how long it'll last.  So bring it. REGISTER AT BUBBLEWS 
And yeah, you should definitely connect with &JediKermit .  He's the most handsome and the best.